About Us

We just love cars!  Simply put, that’s what this is all about.  As a lover of cars and an avid car show attendee, I thought wouldn’t it be great if I could find out about all these different car events and shows.  As an individual that has attended Formula 1 races, driven on race tracks and had Muscle Car Driving Experiences alongside seeing a Lamborghini Huracán my passion for this venture was born.

Also, I thought if I could document my experiences and share my thoughts, love and likes of the different cars I see not just at car shows, races, driving experiences and the like but also the spectacular cars you may see on the road during an average day.  With all that in mind this website and the accompanying Nice Car Mate app became the manifestation of my desires.

Through my endeavours I felt that finding information about cars, shows and like minded people should be straight-forward and enjoyable, not time-consuming, complicated or stressful.  So in order to ensure this I began combining a wealth of information on the latter.  The idea was that with the use of my information technology skills and creation of a website and app I could make access to such information clearer and easier for those who have a similar affinity with cars as me and achieve this vision.

With the app and this website there will be an extensive choice of information around cars and events around the country easily available.  You will be able to connect with friends and other people with similar interests, customize your alerts and the design is simple and easy to use.  I’m continually creating and developing a wide variety of clever search and recognition features to help you find the information you want about cars and there will be updates to the app and website accordingly.  I will be incorporating more features that will easily lead you to independent and impartial vehicle reviews offering in-depth analysis of car makes and models with the pros, cons and everything you’ll need to get the full picture of a particular car

There you have it.  If you love the look of some cars and just want to express your appreciation of what man and machine can do and meet like minded people, this website and app is for you.

So, when I am not brainstorming ideas you will find me working on my latest obsession being Professor “what do we have here, lets see how this works” alongside materializing my creative passions, website building and app building.  I forgot to mention, video and photoshoot organiser.  See my Nice Car Mate youtube channel!

Come and join in the fun and see some spectacular cars as the community grows and my posts/instagram posts increase.  Please explore the website and if you want more out of the app or have any useful information that you think will help improve your experience send me a message using the online contact form.

As human beings, it is good to talk and I think that there is nothing gained being stingy with compliments.  If you see someone with something beautiful, why not let them know.  There is nothing wrong with a polite expression of praise or admiration.  You never know where the conversation may end.  I know of simple conversations that have lead to big rewards and connections so give it a try.  If you ever come across someone with a nice motor there is nothing wrong with saying “Nice Car Mate”.