The beautiful Chatsworth House, a stunning classic country residence appears on the horizon as you drop down a slight emotional dip, realising you are doing ok, but not quite as loaded as the Duke & Duchess!

Avoiding the wild deer and sheep, tailgating that annoying Suzuki Swift drove (very slowly!) by the elderly Beetroot family from Barnsley, you can relax as you are about to see parts of the most appealing countryside in the UK.

The Peak District is simply stunning at any time of year! Just add a sprinkling of rainbow-coloured supercars, some lovely coffee, a great lunch stop, and a dash of new friends and you have a perfect day!

Too early for ice creams? Never. The award-winning ice cream stop is a must especially in late March when Derbyshire regularly records shorts and flip-flop temperatures... (Sales jargon that significantly overpromises, which may not make the final edit)

What could be better than spending time tucked in the pebble-filled vortex of brutal V8, piloting your own heavily leveraged PCP-funded wheels while trying to remember what all the knobs do?

Awards are not handed out, they are earned and this Award-winning drive is a classic mix of Roman road, testing twisty bits, stunning countryside, and more sheep than you have ever seen!

As the clocks have gone forward you will still be back in daylight to put the bins out, remind your kids that their school shoes need polishing, and tell them for the last time that the floor is not a wardrobe!!

Bring a radio, GSOH, and cash for ice creams (just in case the Acoustic Speaker cannot make it) & for your lunch.






Entry: FREE

  • Car parking, Coffee, or Ice Cream
  • All routes, planning, and meeting points
  • WhatsApp Group Chat and WWoW Sticker
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