Highly dynamic and completely real turns in a virtual world: BMW ///M Mixed Reality revolutionizes driving experience

+++ World premiere of ///M Mixed Reality at Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon +++ Revolutionary use of Mixed Reality technologies brings real cars onto virtual racetracks +++

Munich/Lisbon. At this year’s Web Summit in Lisbon,
the BMW Group is presenting a mix of real driving and a virtual
environment for the first time. ///M Mixed Reality is the name of the
extraordinary experience.

Integrated gaming elements for a unique BMW M driving
The unique mixed reality1
approach, which a team of BMW M engineers developed together with Epic
Games for the BMW M2, allows drivers and their vehicles to immerse
themselves in a virtual world. People need to be able to experience
the new feeling of driving a BMW with VR/MR glasses while mastering
challenges at high speeds as in a racing game. Integrated gaming
elements, such as avoiding obstacles, collecting virtual “coins,”
etc., reinforce the immersive in-car experience. True to the motto:
Drive the Change, Change the Drive. The system takes all movement and
rotary axes of the BMW M2 into account. The vehicle itself becomes the
controller, in this case the fastest controller in the world.

“Anyone who asks what virtual experiences in the automotive
sector might look like in future: That is the answer. People must be
able to experience this new feeling — and with ///M Mixed Reality, we
offer them a suitable solution for this,” says Frank van Meel, CEO M GmbH.

With ///M Mixed Reality, the BMW Group is bringing technology to
the high-profile driving sector, consistently relying on the principle
of human centricity, in which the use of innovative technologies is
driven by people’s wishes and needs. As part of this approach, the BMW
Group laid the foundation for ConnectedDrive more than 20 years ago by
installing modern communication technology in vehicles. “At BMW M, we
have always been testing the limits of what is technically feasible
and thus, among other things, laying the foundation for new immersive
experiences,” says Frank van Meel.

A first insight can be found here (Link to the video).

The BMW Group is already using mixed reality technologies in many
forms of application, merging real and digital worlds more and more.
These include Augmented Reality 2 applications, cross-team
development of vehicles, Virtual Reality 3 solutions for
production planning and the iFactory
. Using the powerful gaming engine from Epic Games (Unreal
Engine), this became the BMW Group’s first factory, which was
completely planned and simulated in a virtual environment. By the
beginning of next year, the BMW Group will also digitize all
production sites using 3D laser scans.

1 Mixed Reality: Mixed Reality (MR), Mixed Reality or Mixed
Reality comprises environments or systems that mix natural and
artificial perception.
2 Augmented Reality (AR) describes the computer-aided
extension of reality perception.
3 Virtual Reality (VR) is the representation and
simultaneous perception of an apparent reality and its physical
properties in a real-time computer-generated, interactive virtual environment.